Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program 2017

A Week in the Virginia Mountains

July 9-14

I had the fortune to spend a week at Nimrod Hall painting in the Virginia mountains. This is my 5th year attending their summer arts program. Nimrod is nestled in the mountains in the George Washington National Forest in Bath County, Virginia. The summer art program is designed to foster creativity and allow artists to relax and “just paint” (as a Nimrod anniversary tee-shirt says). There are no limitations or expectations at Nimrod. The only expectation is that you respect each other’s time and space while painting. It’s all about spending time with fellow artists, eating (did I mention the food is fabulous), enjoying nature, and having fun.

Don’t go to Nimrod expecting luxury because you will not find it. Nimrod was established in the late 1700’s – the buildings are OLD! There is no air conditioning or heat. There is indoor plumbing.  The rooms are all decorated with charming antiques and old quilts. It’s comfortable, but not a luxury resort.

There are gnats everywhere – the “Nimrod Wave” is recognizable as soon as you arrive. The Nimrod Wave is when folks walk around waving gnats away from their head. I found tucking a Bounce dryer sheet into the rim of my hat or the collar of my shirt helps a lot. It looks funny, but it helps keep gnats away. And I smell nice too! BONUS!

It is critical to keep any food in airtight containers less you may have a critter visit your room during the night. As ardent as I am about keeping food items out of my room, I did throw away some items from my cooler into a trash can with a tight lid on the porch of our cabin. My friend and I were jarred awake one night by a raccoon banging the lid of said trash can on the porch outside her room. A midnight visit from a raccoon definitely was a rude way to wake up.