Kim Harding

Oil and Watercolor Artist

Kim Harding has always had a love of the arts in any form. Growing up in Dayton. Ohio as the youngest of four girls, her happiest moments were spent lost in a world of her own imagination. A favorite memory was playing with paper dolls she drew herself and dressing them in clothes of her own design. She spent Sunday afternoons meticulously copying artwork from the eye-catching ads in the local newspaper. There was never any doubt that she would become the artist of the family.

From an early age others recognized her talents and she began to accumulate accolades from her schools and the community. Her work was frequently singled out for it’s excellence and from a very early age she was winning art contests. Her favorite memory is one in which she was chosen to design and paint the Halloween windows for a local department store. Not to be confined to just the visual arts, Kim also won a local song writing contest and her entry was performed by the school choir.  She furthered her art education by taking additional classes at the Miamisburg Art Gallery where she was mentored and encouraged by more seasoned artists.

As often is the case, life sometimes takes up more space then we realize.  Kim traveled, married, raised a daughter and embarked on a successful career, which didn’t leave much time for art, but she continued taking classes when she could, mainly focusing on oil painting.

It was a conversation with an artist at a local festival who suggested Kim attempt watercolor painting, a very different medium than she was used to. From her first class she was hooked. She loved the fluidity and freedom watercolor offered. It opened her up to a whole new way of creating.

A move to Las Vegas connected her with one of her most important teachers.  Paul St. Marie, a retired professor and art director, had a huge influence on Kim’s artistic development. She studied drawing and oil painting with him for six years  and flourished as an artist. She entered and was accepted in juried shows and began accepting commissions for oil paintings from collectors across the country.
In 2006 she and her husband relocated to Richmond, Virginia.This put Kim in the middle of a thriving art community. She studied under Anne Chaddock at the For Art’s Sake Gallery. She became a member of the Virginia Plein Air Painters. She continued showing in galleries and taking on varied commissions from portraits and landscapes to murals.

Kim currently lives in Baton Rouge where she studies at the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy under Larry Casso who has had a significant influence on her work. She paints daily and continues to inspire all those around her. 

Her work is in private collections in GA; NV; CA; OH; KY; WV; VA and WI.

She can be contacted via email at kkh1031@gmail.com. Her work is available at www.dailypaintworks.com or by contacting the artist directly.

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