A Day At Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program

A Nimrod day starts out with a walk, yoga, plein air painting, or just gathering outside the dining hall with other artists to sip coffee and share a laugh. The staff walks by the cabins ringing a bell signaling it is mealtime.

After a wonderful breakfast, you are free to do whatever you want. Most days I go somewhere on the grounds (there are acres and acres of places) to get in a little plein air painting.

Then there is lunch…

After lunch I may go back out to work in the hot sun, or work on my porch or in my room. It all depends on what inspires me. Your assigned artist-in-residence for the week will come find you and provide critique or help if needed.

A tradition is to gather around 5:00 pm to go tubing down the Cow Pasture River which borders Nimrod property. I did not do this my first 2 years. Once I did, I couldn’t figure out why I waited so long! It is a blast! Some years the river is up and the float is quick – like 15 minutes. Other years the river is down and the float takes about 35 minutes. This year, the water was so low that we actually had to get off our tubes and walk over the “rapids” because the rocks were not covered with water. Either way, it is great fun and if you ever go to Nimrod, don’t wait two years to try it.

After washing off the river dirt and sweat from the day, it is time for happy hour.
My friend and I generally meet on our porch wine, cheese and some fruit. Some friends who have gone to Nimrod the same week each year may stop by to visit.

And then there is dinner!

Do you get the theme here? At Nimrod we live for the 3 meals. The chef is amazing. I have never had a bad meal at Nimrod. Much of the fruits and veggies are home grown. Poached salmon, meatloaf (that is one of the best I have tasted), roast beef, baked chicken. It is all delicious. And vegetarians, don’t worry, there are plenty of yummy salads and sides for you. And, each dinner ends with a yummy dessert. Everything is served family style and there is plenty to eat. No one goes hungry at Nimrod.