Walk Around At Nimrod Hall

Closing Night

Did I tell you about our Thursday night walk-around at Nimrod Hall? For a long time I called it a “walk about” until someone recently reminded me I am not in Australia! Thursday is the final night at Nimrod, and is an opportunity to see what other artists have been working on and to show off your own work. Some of us like to clean up for walk-around. Sometimes I actually put on makeup on and blow dry my hair. I go sans-makeup and much of the week have a hat on to protect my head from the sun. It is vacation after all.

We grab a drink of choice and start up the hill by the rented studios. Many share snacks along the way.


We work our way from the Sunset cabins to the old Post Office, around to everyone’s cabin to see the artwork. The walk ends at the owner’s (Laura Loe) studio to see what she has been working on all Summer.

As Laura calls it, it is a LOVE fest. There are lots of ooh’s and ahh’s to go around. After all, we artists thrive on admiration.

And then there’s our final dinner

When I started going to Nimrod I lived in Virginia and it was less than 3 hours away. I have since moved to Louisiana and it is now about 14 hours away. Still, I would not miss it for anything. I have made lasting friendships with some wonderful people. Thanks to Facebook and email I stay in touch with them and look forward to the next year when we meet at Nimrod. Maybe I will see you there one year!

Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program 2017